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More ways to get injured. Whitby style!

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Yes! It's that time of year again ladies and gentlemen when I make my rallying call for players, supporters and cheerleaders to join us at the 8th bi-annual, 'Let's make sure one of us gets really hurt' show!

For those of you who know the drill... you know the drill. For those of you who don't... and don't quite realise just how bizarre watching 11 hungover goths battle it out about the very men who were serving them the drinks the night before really is! Expect thrills, expect spills, expect ritual abuse. I don't think we can expect the sight of a BBC2 presenter being sick on the pitch... but you never know!

For the footy fans amongst you... expect a very competitive game. Despite our 0-1 reverse in October, it was the arguably the best match yet . Fiercely competitive but played in the best spirit and celebrated in style afterwards in the club house.

We are still missing a couple of our regular team (I am hoping that this Whitby will be my last one as non-playing manager...) so if you fancy a game then bring your boots and shinnies and sign your name up at the merch stall.

Once again the match is for charity with the money collected by our glamourous helpers being split between a local Whitby and a goth-friendly cause.

So as the team motto says ... Boots On, Kick Off, Shoot Out. See you at the match.

M x
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