the Girl who wanted to be Marge (godgirl) wrote in wgw,
the Girl who wanted to be Marge

accomodation sought....for october [sorry for x-posting!]

1 bedroom - double or single, preferrably close to spa/metropole ie on west cliff - must be self catered cottage, not bed and breakfast due to my working hours - for myself from thursday til tuesday but can pay for 1 week if needs be.

preferred to share with:

1. people i know in real life[1]

2. vegetarians (or at least people unlikely to leave lots of carcasses in the kitchen...)

3. people unlikely to hold all night parties on site.

can pay up to £35/night or so - depending on size of room and location will pay more to be closer, ie on the top of the crescent or in the met.

[1] helps me avoid explaining a lot of things....
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