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WGW Charity Football - Advertise in the Official Programme

Hello all,

Following the success of April's effort , I will again be putting together an official programme for the WHITBY CHARITY FOOTBALL MATCH.

This year, I aim to make it a bumper edition - covering not only the football match itself, but also containing a complete itinerary of the weekend's events and much more. So.... here is a call for all those who would like to get involved.


Again we are looking for sponsors to place adverts with us. We will be doing at least 300 copies of the programme - and these will be on sale at the match on throughout the weekend on the main merchandise stand.

Advertising rates are :-

Full Page (A5 Colour) - £50
1/2 page £25

Profits raised from the sale of the program will again, go to our selected charity - more details of which will be found on the official WGW forum.

Artwork will need to be supplied in .jpg format (colour, 300 dpi or greater). For more details - please e-mail me (mike.uwins@gmail.com). Deadline for adverts is Friday 17th October.


Then we need you! Your article doesn't have to be footy related - anything that is entertaining, relevant and well written will be considered. If you have any ideas - again drop me a line! Time is however tight and I would need copy by Monday 13th October. In particular, I am looking for a talented CARTOONIST - so if you are a budding Rolf Harris, then get in touch!

Kick off will be at the usual time - 2pm on WGW Sunday, at Whitby Town football club. Again, we will be asking for the tiny admission fee at the gate of £1 and hoping to beat last year's attendance of 406!

We are always looking for new blood - so if there are any strapping young lads who fancy a crack at Jonny’s boys, then bring your boots and shin pads… and come looking for us at the Spa. We usually have space for one or two new boys each year.

If you are interested in ANY OF THE ABOVE or if you have any other great ideas that you think might help us , then please e-mail me mike.uwins@gmail.com - time is of the essence, so please get in touch.

Thank you, your continued support is much appreciated.


Mike x
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Hello Mike, this is Alexa Williamson... just reading about the football match programme and your need of writers etc.. I have a HUGE Whitby concert in my head - that I would also like to help organise for charity... and the thing is that the Sex Pistols have a new photobook out and also the Royals are getting married and there is ALOT more to say... can you let me know if you would like to work together on this .. and also Pete French has a new ticketing company he is launching.... and everyone is trying to work together ... with 2012 approaching ...long story I can explain later.. Thanks! Alexa ps I know Sara also from the past.. not sure what is going on with her now ... but just thought I would let you know I do know her xx Alexa
ps on FOOTBALL.. I also want to support that too xx Alexa
Hey there... very sorry that this email is sooooo late in coming - I've only just managed to wrestle back my domain name and old emails (long story!). Basically, if it's still a thing that I can help with, drop me a line and maybe we can do something!

Cheers for getting in touch!
No problem - and thanks. Basically, I want everyone at Whitby to have a good time. Not sure when I am going again, but when I can... I would love everyone to have a good time on the beach, with fashion, dancing, football, music, the history of Whitby and the like so if I can I will help. I, personally, do not like drugs or alcohol... so if I can help people (everyone of all ages) to have a good time without that I will. NB: I used to do the fanzine Decrepit and when I could donate the profits to a cats rescue charity (I was one of the first people to help Jo get involved with animal charities/was my idea to ask her about the cats rescue charity). Thanks and have a good week! Alexa : )