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Unplugged? Yep. Everything. Except Tim's crimpers. [14 Apr 2009|07:51pm]

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WGW Charity Football - Advertise in the Official Programme [27 Sep 2008|12:57pm]

Hello all,

Following the success of April's effort , I will again be putting together an official programme for the WHITBY CHARITY FOOTBALL MATCH.

This year, I aim to make it a bumper edition - covering not only the football match itself, but also containing a complete itinerary of the weekend's events and much more. So.... here is a call for all those who would like to get involved.


Again we are looking for sponsors to place adverts with us. We will be doing at least 300 copies of the programme - and these will be on sale at the match on throughout the weekend on the main merchandise stand.

Advertising rates are :-

Full Page (A5 Colour) - £50
1/2 page £25

Profits raised from the sale of the program will again, go to our selected charity - more details of which will be found on the official WGW forum.

Artwork will need to be supplied in .jpg format (colour, 300 dpi or greater). For more details - please e-mail me (mike.uwins@gmail.com). Deadline for adverts is Friday 17th October.


Then we need you! Your article doesn't have to be footy related - anything that is entertaining, relevant and well written will be considered. If you have any ideas - again drop me a line! Time is however tight and I would need copy by Monday 13th October. In particular, I am looking for a talented CARTOONIST - so if you are a budding Rolf Harris, then get in touch!

Kick off will be at the usual time - 2pm on WGW Sunday, at Whitby Town football club. Again, we will be asking for the tiny admission fee at the gate of £1 and hoping to beat last year's attendance of 406!

We are always looking for new blood - so if there are any strapping young lads who fancy a crack at Jonny’s boys, then bring your boots and shin pads… and come looking for us at the Spa. We usually have space for one or two new boys each year.

If you are interested in ANY OF THE ABOVE or if you have any other great ideas that you think might help us , then please e-mail me mike.uwins@gmail.com - time is of the essence, so please get in touch.

Thank you, your continued support is much appreciated.


Mike x
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The day draws ever closer to our bi-annual showdown with the Gazette and my rallying call this year comes along with some important but very sad news.

As you may have read on this forum, my dear friend and one of the cornerstones of the Whitby Gothic Weekend, Mel (aka DJ Lucy*Fur) has been diagnosed terminally ill with a horribly aggressive form of ovarian cancer. It is heartbreaking for all of us. Only last November, she joined us all in the clubhouse after the game and to the many cries of ‘Fix!” managed to clean up most of the raffle prizes.

As you know, the football match is always dedicated to helping charitable causes both locally and for the goth community. This time, I can think of no better cause than to raise money for the Mel1000 fund - set up in order to help her continue her fight and also to help her to realise some dreams. We are also playing to give all the support we can to her husband and Real Gothic midfield general Stuart Denove - who has given so much to the team over the past 5 years.

So what can you do to help? Well of course - you can…

Kick off will be at the usual time - 2pm on WGW Sunday, at Whitby Town football club. This year, we will be asking for a small admission fee at the gate - part of the reason for this is that we need everyone there to roar us on from the start of the game and also to answer the often asked question… ‘How many people are here?’. By putting you all through the turnstiles, we will finally find out whether we have actually beaten Whitby Town’s highest gate of the year!

Your extreme vocal support will be needed this year, as the Gazette try to extract their revenge, after our miraculous 4-3 victory last year.

For the first time, we will be producing a souvenir match day magazine (or programme for all us over 30) and are looking for sponsors to place adverts with us. We will be doing at least 300 copies of the programme - and these will be on sale at the match on throughout the weekend. Each programme will also have a lucky number which will enter the player into a draw at half time to win an exclusive prize!

Advertising rates are :-

Full Page (A5 Colour) - £50
1/2 page (Mono) - £25
1/4 page - £15

You can supply your on ready made advert - or could leave it to me and my dodgy copy of Photoshop. It’s up to you, but I know what I would do...

As well as your ad, you will become one of the team’s official sponsors and your logo will be on all official posters and at our mechandise stall. We will also be playing for a brand new trophy which either you or your company can give their name to, for the paltry sum of £50. You can also sponsor a player - I don;t know exactly what this entails - but you might even be able to take him home at the end!

We are always looking for new blood - so if there are any strapping young lads who fancy a crack at Jonny’s boys, then bring your boots and shin pads… and come looking for us at the Spa. We usually have space for one or two new boys each year.

If you are interested in ANY OF THE ABOVE or if you have any other great ideas that you think might help us , then please e-mail me mike.uwins@gmail.com - time is of the essence, so please get in touch.

Thank you, your continued support is much appreciated.


Mike x

WGW April 08 Ticket Update [24 Mar 2008|11:13am]

Are you still wanting a Last minute Spa ticket? Did I hear a yes?

WGW HQ is running very low. However our resellers still have tickets.

Did you know that the Spa / Scarborough Borough Council is one of resellers? We’ve recently had a ticket update from them they’ve still got 113 Tickets! Avoid disappointment and check with our resellers !

We’re waiting on the rest of the resellers for updates & we’ll keep you updated.
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Please Help! [11 Nov 2007|08:02am]

Many of you out there may know, or had the pleasure to meet, Mel (Lucy*Fur), who amongst other things is a key-part of the Whitby Goth Weekend Festival in her capacity as DJ & DJ-coordinator, and this October she organised the ‘Battle of The Bands’ event held at The Metropole over WGW. She has also been a key component in raising funds for Charity.

Mel was diagnosed with Cancer, and underwent treatment and the Cancer was in remission.
Sadly, things have taken a turn for the worst and Mel recently received the news that not only has the Cancer returned, but that it is now incurable and she has been given just a year to live.

Mel is determined to fight this thing, but unfortunately (like many of us) does not have the funds to subside this.

Subsequently, a fund has been set up in order to help Mel with funding travel and treatment abroad (which doesn’t come cheap) and to make what time she has left more comfortable for both her and her family.

One of the things Mel would like to do is to go to Thailand to hug the tigers, and it is hoped that enough funds can be raised not only to help her explore possible treatment overseas, but to facilitate this dream.

More details with regards to this, and how you can help by making a donation (no amount too big or small) can be found on Mel’s MySpace profile http://www.myspace.com/_lucyfur_

If there’s anything you feel you can to help, please contact Mel as I’m sure she’d appreciate any help that you may be able to provide.
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Athletico Gazette 3 - 4 Real Gothic [01 Nov 2007|05:18pm]

Athletico Gazette 3 - 4 Real Gothic
Sunday 28th October 2007 - Whitby Town FC
The ninth bi-annual WGW charity football match took place on Sunday 28th at the Turnbull and it turned out to be a pulsating encounter with Real Gothic emerging victorious, edging out Jon Stokoe’s Athletico Gazette by 4-3.

Athletico started the game stronger and forced early saves from Goth keeper James Kierton and some last ditch defending from centre-back Col “Pinky” McKinnon.  However, Real soon started to find their rhythm with the pace of new strike partnership Graeme “Kinnon” McKinnon and Shaun Chamberlin causing the Althetico back line problems.  

After 20 mins, it was Chamberlain who made the breakthrough, sprinting on to a long through ball from Stuart Denove and lobbing the keeper from just outside the box, much to the delight of the large partizan “away” crowd.  

The Gazette made a swift reply through the Goth’s arch nemesis Paul Hurworth and it was almost a carbon copy of Chamberlin’s goal, another long-range chip from distance.    

The remainder of the half was a keenly contested affair, with the experience of Althetico testing the Goth defense.  However, it was Real who finished the half on top, with Kinnon rifling in a thunderous free-kick from the edge of the area, after the Gazette’s keeper was adjudged to have carried the ball out of the box.  

The interval came as a welcome break for Athletico and they were level five minutes after the re-start, with Thom Kennedy powering home a header from the first corner of the second half.  Athletico then took the lead in somewhat fortuitous circumstances when Kennedy’s cross-come-shot looped in.  However, the Goths battled back again, levelling through a superb diving header from Chamberlain.  

The winner came 15 minutes from time, through man-of-the-match Richard Dove, who had  put in a tireless display all afternoon from midfield,  cut inside on the right edge of the penalty area and curled in into the net from 20 yards.  

A tense last 10 minutes saw the Goths under intense pressure from the home side, with only some heroics from the back line keeping them in front.

The ground erupted at the final whistle.  It was the first time in 4 outings that the men in black have got the better of their foes.  Real manager Mike Uwins hailed the effort from both sides as “Fantastic!  This was definitely the best game that we have seen down here to date.  It’s great for us to get a win every now and again - it will keep the Gazette from getting too complacent and gives the crowd something to really shout about.  It will also set it up nicely for April, when I’m sure that Jonny’s boys will be plotting their revenge.”
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WGW site problems [24 May 2007|02:45pm]

Currently the main WGW siteis only partially accessible.

We are currently having a few problems with our hosting. I have checked and our hosting company are having some server issues. This means that some people will not be able to connect to the site.

I will update as soon as this is fixed.


WGW Web Admin
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WGW October '07 Tickets & Bands [04 May 2007|02:09pm]

Tickets for WGW October '07 are now on sale on our online store priced at £38 with a 50p booking fee.

Bands announced so far are:

All Living Fear
Cassandra Complex
Voices of Masada

More tba soon!
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30 SPA and lots of metropole tix available on friday at spa [25 Apr 2007|07:00am]

There are about 30 spa tickets left for the weekend which the spa were unable to sell in advance.

if you would like one, they will be available to buy/collect on friday from 10am from the managers office in the spa which is through the corridor to the theatre bar and up the stairs.

tel: 01947 604 855 between 9am-5pm and you may be able to reserve one.

Overspill/Metropole evening tickets are available from the info stall and on the door at the Met on the night.

They're £10 for both nights, or £5 for Saturday only - unfortunately we couldn't do a Friday only option, so if you want to go on friday you'll unfortunately have to pay for saturday too - but it means you could nip in there for a few drinks/a dance at some point in the evening anyway!

The Metropole opens at 8pm on friday and saturday for loads of space to drink, chat and dance to proper goff stuff for a fiver a night, basically...






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More ways to get injured. Whitby style! [24 Apr 2007|12:56pm]


apr 2007 poster V5
Originally uploaded by analogueheart.
Yes! It's that time of year again ladies and gentlemen when I make my rallying call for players, supporters and cheerleaders to join us at the 8th bi-annual, 'Let's make sure one of us gets really hurt' show!

For those of you who know the drill... you know the drill. For those of you who don't... and don't quite realise just how bizarre watching 11 hungover goths battle it out about the very men who were serving them the drinks the night before really is! Expect thrills, expect spills, expect ritual abuse. I don't think we can expect the sight of a BBC2 presenter being sick on the pitch... but you never know!

For the footy fans amongst you... expect a very competitive game. Despite our 0-1 reverse in October, it was the arguably the best match yet . Fiercely competitive but played in the best spirit and celebrated in style afterwards in the club house.

We are still missing a couple of our regular team (I am hoping that this Whitby will be my last one as non-playing manager...) so if you fancy a game then bring your boots and shinnies and sign your name up at the merch stall.

Once again the match is for charity with the money collected by our glamourous helpers being split between a local Whitby and a goth-friendly cause.

So as the team motto says ... Boots On, Kick Off, Shoot Out. See you at the match.

M x
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Nice to see the local press on top of things [06 Mar 2007|11:24pm]

Article about the upcomming lineup, and tangentially about last october, here
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WGW Ticket Fraud [03 Nov 2006|12:15pm]

If anyone has any info about the fraudulent tickets please email wgwhq@hotmail.co.uk with any info you may have.
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Creamy at WGW [26 Oct 2006|08:59am]

"Top Mum" Promotions Presents


GOTH * EBM * ALTERNATIVE * 80's, n stuff!

DJ's DARKSTONES, + [Whitby's own] - DJ CRAIG

Entry £4

Proceeds to Charity

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Never Mind the Ballacks... [24 Oct 2006|01:25am]


This is football!

Yes folks, it's that time of year again when I call on players, cheerleaders and supporters to join us at Whitby Town FC, to again take on Jon Stokoe's Whitby Gazette XI in our bi-annual charity game. I will again be nervously pacing the touchlines, barking out the orders to the team, under the guidance of my trusty vice-captain englishvoodoo

This year the proceeds of the collection will be split between a local charity (West Cliff School Library fund) and our own charity, WGW's Friends in Need. We will also be holding a prize raffle, with the draw to be made in the clubhouse, after the match.

If you would like to play, then please come an find us at the information stall - as we are always on the look out for new talent! Please remember to bring your boots and shin guards.

So... please come and lend your very vocal support, have a few beers and a laugh for a good cause.


Mike x
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Real Gothic - Sponsor Wanted! [03 Oct 2006|01:54pm]

Real Gothic - the legendary WGW football team is looking for a new sponsor for this year's kit, after our 3 year deal with Co-op funeral services has expired.

It will cost around £200 to cover the cost of having your company name on the shirts and you'll get a shirt to keep too! We get increased publicity every year with the Charity football game and if you want to be associated, then please mail me now - as shirts are being printed this week. This is an offer not to be missed and you will also be doing stirling work for our chosen charity.



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Manuskript play London Friday 6th October [23 Sep 2006|01:17pm]

...as guests to NFD at the Camden Underworld.

Please note that this is an early show to give us time to party afterwards at Inferno!

Manuskript on-stage approx 8pm.

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accomodation sought....for october [sorry for x-posting!] [14 Aug 2006|03:35am]

1 bedroom - double or single, preferrably close to spa/metropole ie on west cliff - must be self catered cottage, not bed and breakfast due to my working hours - for myself from thursday til tuesday but can pay for 1 week if needs be.

preferred to share with:

1. people i know in real life[1]

2. vegetarians (or at least people unlikely to leave lots of carcasses in the kitchen...)

3. people unlikely to hold all night parties on site.

can pay up to £35/night or so - depending on size of room and location will pay more to be closer, ie on the top of the crescent or in the met.

[1] helps me avoid explaining a lot of things....
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[09 Jun 2006|01:44pm]


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Request for info (help wanted) [07 May 2006|01:29pm]

We've had a couple of requests to add some information to the web site, one about accessibility for those with a disability, and one for information for people coming from abroad.

If you have any information about either of these two topics, and are willing to help out, please send info to the webmaster. Thank you.
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i'll get there. [21 Apr 2006|06:19am]

[ mood | awake ]

Just in case anyone is panicking - i'm supposed to be on the 1030am train to york and should be in whitby just after 3pm at the latest.

fear not, i am not awol, merely late.

...and quite possibly totally drained.

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